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Quality system

Quality and sustainability are the basis of Stucchi Group's production

Product quality assurance is documented throughout the company’s supply chain, beginning with raw materials certifications, ongoing improvements in production materials, automation of production, fatigue testing, pressure-testing parts prior to shipping, and an UNI EN ISO 9001 quality – management system.

After certification of occupational health and safety management system in the workplace (ISO 45001), the Stucchi S.p.A. reached another major objective of the company policies through a careful performance of the service for the full compliance with national and international environmental management systems, certifying its model of business organization according to theĀ ISO 14001:2015.


Company quality system

Stucchi S.p.A. considers the quality of products and services, technical expertise and the protection of the environment, health and safety at work to be the principal means to compete on the market and essential to the overall management and corporate strategy.

Organization, Management and Control Model

Stucchi has adopted its own organisation, management and control model, with a view to guaranteeing compliance with laws and regulations. Its implementation (as required by Legislative Decree 231/2001) not only reduces legal risks, but also contributes to creating an ethical, transparent and efficient working environment.

Certifications available on request

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