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Visit the Stucchi headquarters with the Virtual Tour

Stucchi has been offering its customers all around the world innovative solutions for over 60 years for conducting fluids thanks to quick couplings designed for high performance, a long service life and maximum safety in their use.

This result is achieved thanks to constant research and development which happens behind our company doors, at our headquarters in Italy in Pagazzano, in the province of Bergamo.

Every day, the Stucchi team develops new ideas, designs new solutions, and creates products to improve the productivity of companies that operate in any sector that uses quick couplings.

But what exactly happens behind the doors of the Stucchi headquarters? We can now answer this question with our Virtual Tour!

In fact, we have created an online platform that lets everyone, whether customers or not, go on a virtual tour of the company through all stages of production, accompanied by 360° immersive pictures, detailed information, videos and interesting facts.

The Stucchi Virtual Tour will let you see the entire outside of the company, thanks to the shots taken with drones, and enter the building through reception, where you will be able to read about the history of our company and see an overview of our quick couplings and other products.

At our offices, you will meet our team, who work with the production and sales department every day to offer customers the best service possible.

The technical department is the first step in the creation of our quick couplings: in fact, it is where our products are designed and developed before moving on to the test area, a cutting-edge department that lets us test out our creations by subjecting them to the harshest conditions.

The quality department ensures that our quick couplings are up to the standards that have defined Stucchi all around the world for 60 years; in this section of the virtual tour, we will explain the importance of certifications and tools for a production and organisational process that is up to these standards.

In raw material reception, the bars are collected in a fully automated warehouse, while in mechanical processing, you will find single and multi-spindle lathes, some of the most advanced next-gen machinery connected to the ERP system for industry 4.0.

To make the company increasingly sustainable and to reduce its environmental impact, we have a dedicated system for waste recovery, while in special production, you will see how the prototypes are made as well as the production for special projects.

In assembly, the end products are assembled and tested before being sold, while in the warehouse, you will see the various areas where automated management organises components and end products.

In packaging, the shipments are prepared according to the orders and needs of various customers, before the baton is passed to the shipping department, where the team handles shipments to our branches and customers all around the world.

Our Virtual Tour is already available here!