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Maximum operability thanks to quick couplings for pressure connections

The design and production of quick couplings for coupling and decoupling hydraulic lines must take into account many factors.

One of the main priorities is safety: the connection must be secure to avoid leaks that could contaminate the environment, create hazardous oil spills in the workplace and injure workers with pressurised jets.

The other critical aspect for quick couplings is speed: especially in applications that require many coupling and decoupling throughout the day, saving time in carrying out each operation saves a significant amount of time at the end of the day and therefore leads to greater efficiency.

In terms of design, this results in identifying solutions that would, first of all, connect and disconnect lines with simple, immediate steps, but without the need to use tools that would make the operation less secure.

At the same time, in many sectors, it is very useful to have the possibility of coupling and decoupling even under residual pressure.


In fact, internal pressure often builds up in closed circuits due to the increased temperature in the external environment, so even though the flow is interrupted, internal pressure remains which, under normal conditions, makes it almost impossible to connect the male and female ends.

Without the right quick coupling, you have to resort to special procedures to remove any residual pressure, which however take time and therefore slow down operations: this is a particular problem in any sectors that require tools to be frequently replaced, such as earth-moving, oil & gas and farming.

This is why it is preferable to use quick couplings with valves that allow a connection under residual pressure and Stucchi therefore offers high-quality solutions in this respect.

Stucchi’s technology for producing quick couplings combines the needs for safety and operating speed, joining flat-faced valves with a patented system of internal valves to handle residual pressure.

By combining these two solutions, you can couple and decouple lines without any restrictions, immediately and without great effort, while still guaranteeing secure, leak-free connections.

Flat-faced quick couplings with residual pressure systems are therefore Stucchi’s answer to keep your operability high and to make every moment at work count.

For over 60 years, Stucchi has been providing a continuous flow of solutions for all requirements and sectors where couplings and pressure circuits are in use – contact us right away for more information.